Bum-Bum Toro Wireless Speaker
Bum-Bum Toro Wireless Speaker

Bum-Bum Toro Wireless Speaker

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The BUM BUM collection was born from the principle of not designing objects, but rather musical instruments to be used for another purpose; the same as a person who holds a shell to their ear to hear the ocean. This collection that has tubular shapes allows us to experiment with light and sound simultaneously. It’s “argonautic” form enables us to create a new environment, as well as atmospheric spaces, wherever we are. The collection is made up of a sofa, a table, an armchair and “toro”(bull), a unique member with a great variety of functions. It is a collection designed for the God of the sea, Neptune, and the mermaids that dance in time with the waves...It’s that simple... a summer dream. 

Country of Origin: Spain
Designer: Eugeni Quitllet
Dimensions: 14¼"x19¾"x17"
Material: Rotational Moulded Polyethylene
Weight: 9.92 Pounds